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Synergy Takes on the Globe

The Fastest growing integrated marketing and communications group ‘Synergy’ has recently launched a comprehensive corporate website. The site highlights the three complementing units Synergy Advertising, Synergy Marketing Corp. and Synergy Brand. In line with the group’s core belief that it’s the people who make synergy happen, the site also showcases brief team intros. The website is aimed at spreading synergy throughout the world’s corporate desktops.

The website launch is complemented by the first issue of ‘Synergyzer’ the group’s official newsletter. While Synergyzer is aimed at bridging communication between the group, its clients and the team, the editorial staff hopes to achieve much more by focusing not only on the Group, but also on the marketing/advertising scene in Pakistan.

svgSynergy hosts Annual Dinner
svgSynergy Advertising acknowledged in India

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