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Mind Over Matter

Every now and then we wonder what really constitutes a great mind. To me, the idea of a great mind is just a mere myth. It’s just a delusion made by pessimists. Your 1500 grams of mass in skull cannot make you great; it’s how you use those 1500 grams of mass. It takes effort and a mindset of a winner to achieve greatness.


A solution oriented mindset and an attitude of a winner would make you great. Edward de bono rightly framed this idea by saying “If you never change your mind, why have one?” The point is to ask the right questions when it is required. In most cases, whenever a heated situation arises the first question is who did it? And then it becomes the last question which can create chaos and haphazardness. We are always asking the wrong questions in almost every situation that always leads us to a never ending blame game.

There is another point I would like to highlight over here and that is the idea and hesitance to make mistakes. A learning mind is never afraid of making mistakes. Every other defeat should be celebrated because every mistake leaves behind tons of treasures of knowledge.

It just requires an active mind to learn from it and move on.

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