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Ahmed Kapadia CEO, Synergy

Ad industry’s development has a lot to do with the growth of the economy. Home appliances, banking and telecom sectors have improved. This improvement can be further accelerated and doubled.

Advertising works on the basis of human resources which is its biggest strength. Despite Pakistan possessing tremendous talent, the channelising of this talent is missing. Resultantly, the talent is not developed and mediocrity increases.

Advertising in terms of revenue has increased during the past five years, but i have my reservations about quality, which in my personal opinion has deteriorated and it has not kept pace with time. I don’t think we have made any significant progress in the last five years. Almost 20 years back, advertising was far better than it is today in terms of content and presentation.

Future of advertising and marketing depends on many variables. One way to improvement is for people to understand advertising as a sector. Advertising management is a basic step. There are no schools to teach advertising management and only those people can teach this skill who themselves are experienced in this field, although it is being done but only on a limited scale. Still there’s a lot of gap that needs to be explored and improvement can be achieved. Development will only occur when we lean to accept reality. And the reality is that we have a lot of weaknesses, Pakistan’s slogan has become ‘chalta hai’.

We keep compromising and take lightly the essentials and fundamentals. Some people who have their hold over the resources they need to give something back to the system. People will have to rise above themselves and to something.

svgThe Future of Advertising?
svgUp close and personal with AHMED HUSSAIN KAPADIA, Managing Director, synergy Advertising

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