Break the Rules!


Ahmed Kapadia Managing Director
Synergy Advertising (Pvt) Ltd Message

Focused on a theme of breaking rules and challenging the status quo, Adasia 2003 feels like an extension to the core philosophy employed at Synergy. A philosophy which has made Synergy Advertising, Synergy Marketing and Synergy Brand, Parts of the Fastest growing Integrated Marketing and Communications Group in Pakistan.

Since our inception, we have always believed in defining rules rather than following the age-old business conventionally, agencies cannot see beyond their noses and focus only on revenues, This results in the ‘conventional’ high turn-over. Being fiercely proud of the indigenous enterprise we are development, direction and eventual empowerment of talent is the key to our low turn-over rates and a rather unconventional culture.

With diverse minds getting together at adasia 2003, we are positive that a critical mass of excellence in communication will develop and spur evolution of the ‘new’, ‘youthful’ paradigm that the region needs today.

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