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When Winning Ain’t Enough

We are a people so consumed by the act of winning and losing it isn’t funny anymore. Where has the love of the game gone I wonder? To individualistic, we only embark on gossips about fixing, or a mutiny on board with the two apparent characters Misbah and Afridi leading and hogging the limelight. We as a cricketing public or public in general are accustomed to lay blame on certain outer misdemeanors rather than look at the problem itself, that we aren’t the team we used to be, I’m ok with accepting this fact. Look at it in hindsight, all the problems we face in the country are laddered on our neighbor or some ultra intelligence agency spicing up a plan on us. Face it; we are not that important enough. When we cannot unite as a nation, why are we blaming the lads in Oceania?

As I write this, I too am hurting; as it is natural and I’m not one of them arty types who just don’t care and say why bother. Of course it bothers me, to the point of a hating innuendo. But I do not appreciate to associate with people who take it as their personal insult to lose to India, as if India is of any great importance in their lives, my life, no way. Yes, this is cricket country and we do normally feel a connect to our teams fortunes too that of our own, but it’s time to let go and have pride in other things except the frailties or strengths of our cricket team. As a nation we are consumed by glories of yore, living in a state of limbo, case in point the state of hockey is for all to see. We should accept that cricket has changed, and we are still in rewind mode.

Fans have extreme moods, and that’s good, you should be passionate, but also patient, because it is still on and if Pakistan springs up a surprise and gets to where we all hope it should be heading, these guys will just look silly. Be critical, but always have some respect and admiration for the proverbial twist in the game. Probably coming up, and if doesn’t, we shall be queuing up next time.  Wait and watch, you’ll learn something about yourself.

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