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svgAhmed KapadiasvgSeptember 6, 2010svgArticles, Blog

Torrential Floods: A Wake up call

I am saddened by the recent floods that have played havoc with the lives of the people, their property and just about everything that they possessed. One feels for the people who are affected left, right and center, and I am no exception. I strongly believe this is a wakeup call from God. He wants us to get our act together and do the good which we have been unable to do, for reasons that I don’t want to delve into.

On the same footing, Synergy has understood that much needs to be done in this regard. We have the required capacity and because of that we have made the resources available by contacting the relevant personnel and organizations. LKMWT, under the aegis of Synergy has started to play its role in the relief and rehabilitating processes for the flood affected individuals and families.

I have seen teenagers studying at expensive colleges collecting donations for flood victims at different places and traffic signals. I see this as an exercise in futility more than anything else.

As a nation we must treat this calamity as an indication informing us about the direction we are headed in. Now is the time to observe, think and act. Now is the time to paint a new future of your nation.

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