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Synergy Group – Awards 2022-2023

Synite Digital and Synergy Advertising, both integral members of the esteemed Synergy Group, have time and time again demonstrated their industry prowess and creative excellence at the prestigious Pakistan Digital Awards (PDA) and beyond. The 2022 and 2023 award ceremonies marked a remarkable triumph for the companies, further solidifying their positions as leaders in the digital marketing and advertising landscape.

PDA 2022 Triumphs: Synite Digital’s Seven-Crown Achievement

At the PDA 2022 ceremony, Synite Digital emerged as a true industry titan, clinching an impressive seven awards, including the coveted Digital Agency of the Year title. The accolades spanned across diverse categories, underscoring Synite’s versatility and innovation:

  1. Digital Agency of the Year
  2. Best Social Media Campaign for Shell Pakistan
  3. Best Digital Trade Award for Domino’s
  4. Best CSR Campaign for KFC
  5. Best Short Web Video for Suzuki
  6. Best Small Budget Digital Campaign for Faysal Bank
  7. Best E-Commerce Award for Faysal Bank

PDA 2023 Excellence: Synite Digital’s Eight-fold Triumph

Building on the momentum, Synite Digital continued its winning streak at the Pakistan Digital Awards in 2023, securing a total of eight awards. Synite Digital, named Pakistan’s Digital Agency of the Year for two consecutive years (2022 & 2023), stands as a testament to innovation, creativity, and excellence in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. Synergy Group continues to set new benchmarks in the industry through its member companies, underscoring its commitment to delivering unparalleled results for its clients.

The notable achievements included:
  1. Digital Agency of the Year – 2nd consecutive time
  2. Best Digital Media Team of the Year
  3. Best Social Media Campaign on Instagram for Suzuki Pakistan
  4. Best Social Media Campaign on Twitter for KFC
  5. Best Accelerator Program for Standard Chartered Bank Women in Tech
  6. Best Digital Trading Team Award for Domino’s Pakistan
  7. Best Payment Technology/Solution Provider for Faysal Bank’s Payoneer campaign

Synergy Advertising’s Distinct Recognition: PDA 2023

Synergy Advertising, the creative powerhouse within Synergy Group, earned two prestigious accolades at the PDA 2023:

  1. Short Form Web Video Award for HABIBMETRO Bank’s Independence Day campaign
  2. Best Global Reach Award for the State Bank of Pakistan’s Roshan Digital Account Campaign

Effie Awards

Synite Digital won a Silver award at the prestigious Effie Awards 2023 in the social media category for the campaign Suzuki Pakistan – RV for Suzuki Pakistan.

Global Acclaim: Dragons of Asia 2023

Synite Digital’s global impact reached new heights at the 2023 Dragons of Asia Marketing Communications Industry Awards Programme, where the company received four prestigious awards:

Dragons of Asia
  1. Bronze Award for Best Use of Media – “Ehtiyat Banay Hifazat” campaign for Shell Pakistan
  2. Black Dragon for Best Small Budget Campaign – “SC Women In Tech” campaign for Standard Chartered Pakistan
Dragons of Pakistan
  1. Bronze Award for Best Brand Building/Awareness Campaign – “Ehtiyat Banay Hifazat” campaign for Shell Pakistan
  2. Black Dragon for the Best Digital Campaign – “Feel Good Real Good” campaign for KFC Pakistan
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