Ahmed Kapadia is an award-winning industry-leader with over three decades of invaluable experience with immense contributions in the growth of Pakistan’s marketing & advertising sectors. Well-known for his remarkable accomplishments as the Founding Chairman and CEO of the Synergy Group, he remains one of the top advertising & marketing companies of the country. 

Kapadia began his professional career as a ‘Client-Management Executive’ at MNJ Advertising Agency, before partnering with Imran Awan to establish a new advertising venture named ‘Awan & Kapadia’, in 1989. This dynamic agency made rapid progress, winning a prestigious clientele and multiple accolades, including the Aurora Award for best newspaper Ad.

Later, Ahmed Kapadia joined the Lakson Tobacco Company, where he created highly innovative promotion campaigns, such as, the first-ever ‘World Snooker Championship’ in Pakistan, sponsored by the ‘Red & White Cigarettes’ brand. In 1995, he joined ‘Orient Advertising’ as the ‘Executive Director of Business Development’ where he conceptualized and executed a repositioning strategy for Coca-Cola’s return to the Pakistan market. He designed a promotion titled ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’, which became a sensation in Pakistani pop culture and is cherished even today.

In 1999, he founded ‘Synergy Dentsu’ and enriched this passionate venture through his continuous hard work, insightful experience and immense dedication. Today, Synergy has expanded into a resourceful group of enterprises that offer 360-degree marketing, advertising & communication solutions to a long list of clients. Synergy has received more than 200 accolades and awards – recognizing its commitment towards excellence and customer-care.

In addition to his outstanding career in the advertising and marketing industry, Ahmed Kapadia’s philanthropic work is equally remarkable. Kapadia is widely respected as a generous philanthropist, who is momentously inspired by the compassionate nature of his late father Latif Kapadia, an iconic television artist. The ‘Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust’ (LKMWT), founded by Ahmed Kapadia in 2007, supports several initiatives for socio-economic wellbeing of humanity.

His commitment to giving back to society through the LKMWT has left an impactful mark in the lives of many. With his visionary leadership and dedication, he has expanded Synergy Group into a leading force in the industry. Today, Ahmed Kapadia is a true inspiration to the advertising and marketing community in Pakistan and beyond. His accomplishments and contributions have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and clients alike, and he continues to set the standard for excellence and innovation in the industry.



All these coveted milestones came far before his Master’s in Business Administration degree which he eventually received from IBA in 1992 while at the same time, teaching brand management at various private business schools.



Mr Kapadia returned to brand management as Executive Director Business Development at Orient Advertising which was also affiliated with McCann Erickson. Combining the essence of his unmatched experience and academic competence, Mr Kapadia unfolded McCann’s global corporate philosophy to transform a conventional ad agency into an adventurous outfit. He introduced innovative management and empowering leadership that instilled positive energy into the workforce. His efforts were rewarded as Orient became the largest media billing agency during his time at the company. This accomplishment not only elevated Orient’s stature as the most resourceful agency in Pakistan but also paved the way for several more international affiliations.



pIt was at Orient McCann where Mr Kapadia reflected the true colors of his vision as he conceptualized and executed the repositioning of Coca-Cola. The global giant was at that time a brand left with only 150 million customers in Pakistan.  Through his strategic skills and sharp foresight, he led Coca-Cola to become the second highest selling beverage in the country. To reconnect with the youth, Mr Kapadia designed the repositioning strategy topped by a promotional song, Jazba-e-Junoon, which exceeded everyone’s expectations. The high-spirited campaign brilliantly captured the ideals of Pakistani youth.

While giving Coca-Cola new life, Mr Kapadia also revamped numerous other brands that had gone round in circles for decades in Pakistan. His services won the trust of world-renowned names like Reckitt Benckiser, Gillette, RJ Reynolds Tobacco, etc. Within a brief span of 18 months, Orient McCann Erickson’s billing increased from Rs. 110 million to Rs. 230 million, thus proving his extraordinary abilities.



In search of even tougher challenges, Mr Kapadia joined Evernew Concepts as Director Business Management and established the agency’s Karachi office in 1997. Under his leadership, Evernew saw its golden age. He worked for the launch of Evernew Entertainment that went on to present the highest grossing long play titled Pakistan Hamara hai on PTV and another famous TV serial named Des Perdes.



All along these achievements, Mr Kapadia believed in the potential of his own ideas. The experience of building teams from scratch and leading them to success had become his forte. So he joined forces with Mr Imran Awan, one of his like-minded peers, to establish Awan & Kapadia in 1999. The new agency didn’t take long before it became synonymous with creativity and innovation. In 2001, the company was renamed as Synergy Advertising which operates to date with a current billing of over Rs. one billion per annum and is regularly featured among the top ten advertising agencies of Pakistan. Within only four years of its inception, Synergy won seven PAA Creative Excellence awards, two All Pakistan Newspapers Society awards, two iCOM Silver awards for the Asia Pacific region and a Silver award at the Advertising Club of India, Bombay (ABBY AWARDS) for Creative Campaign Execution. Synergy has also consecutively won four APNS awards per year for its creative work.

Today Synergy Advertising has become a group of companies each of which specializes in their specific field of communication. Synergy Group is serving a diverse range of industry-leading clients.



  • Synergy Dentsu: Synergy is a marketing and communication company dedicated to big ideas, fresh insights and measurable results. At Synergy we use fresh ideas and pragmatic approaches to create results every time. From technology to corporate, consumer and finance sectors, we provide our clients with unparalleled levels of strategic advice and the tactical execution of first-class campaigns.
  • Synchronize Carat: Synchronize Carat operates under the umbrella of Carat Global. It is an independent media planning and buying specialist with its footprints spread across the globe. Carat Global leads the market in both conventional and digital media solutions.
  • Synite Digital: A company digital agency with both digital creative and digital media solution providers. Its 360o integrated digital model provides clients with the flexibility and agility required to capitalize on this fast-changing environment. Synergy Marketing, a company dedicated to BTL Marketing, Event Management and Production Solutions.
  • Syntax Communications: A specialized public relations company comprising professionals who want to put a new spin to strategic communication in Pakistan.
  • Synergyzer Synergyzer, a bi-monthly magazine on marketing and advertising, that is fast gaining popularity with advertising professionals for its hard-hitting reportage on advertising issues.
  • Brandsynario: A specialized and completely indigenously developed web portal for Marketing & Advertising in Pakistan.
  • VeryFilmi: is a one-stop entertainment hub for all movie, TV and music enthusiasts. With all the hottest news on celebrities, movies, TV shows, music and fashion – VeryFilmi brings you the best scoops, celebrity gossip and exclusive content. It’s fun and it’s Filmi!
  • LKMWT: Established in 2007 by a group of admirers of the renowned actor Latif Kapadia, the Trust’s establishment was an act to continue Latif Kapadia’s mission of spreading happiness, even after his departure for the heavenly abode.



Mr. Kapadia is an inspirational corporate leader and founder of one of the biggest advertising agencies in Pakistan. The company was not inherited. He built it from scratch overcoming all the challenges with commitment and resilience. He believes that young entrepreneurs have the key to sustainable growth of the economy. Small and medium enterprises built with passion can act as the foundations of a robust corporate sector; and if there are more believers, entrepreneurship can transform the economy of Pakistan.

Being a marketing enthusiast, Ahmed believes that every problem has a solution, but one must have the capacity to strive and search for it with perseverance. Hard work is a virtue that reflects your faith in God.

There are no shortcuts, courage and honesty are the only ways to succeed in life.



Apart from his professional field, Mr. Kapadia is passionate about cricket. He is also the Chairman of Latif Kapadia Memorial Trust (LKMT) – a humanitarian fund created in memory of his late father who was among the most prominent and prolific television actors in Pakistan. The trust supports a number of social initiatives ranging from disaster-relief, health care provision to the poor, urban heritage restoration and promotion of performing arts.

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