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Opinion: The future of media industry in Pakistan

The future can only be assessed on the basis of the present local media scenario and developments abroad in recent times. The current media explosion is obvious to all of us; however we must first distinguish the high growth ones, which currently, is the electronic media. The ground reality is that in a low literacy country like ours, audio- visual medium has a stronger impact on the masses than print media. Furthermore, those groups which hold a strong presence in electronic and print do hold a significant advantage over those who don’t.

Let’s come to the main issue related to media, with particular focus on electronic media content and take an honest look at what content do we really see on Pakistani channels. Almost all entertainment oriented channels are cheaper versions of Indian channels. Some of them are already heavy on telecasting Indian content, whereas others are busy copying formula programming that they feel is commercially successful. I am personally disappointed by the low

self-esteem that seems to be depicted by our electronic media industry, the ripple effect of which permeates through Pakistani viewers.
I say this because only two decades ago Pakistani dramas were zealously sought by Indians, which are now nowhere to be seen. The question is what happened and where did we go wrong? I feel that the answer lies in the fact that we don’t recognize our strengths- rather, we believe in short cuts and getting influenced by others.

My final analysis on the subject—we must all wake up or be prepared to lose the battle. Whether we like it or not the media game is very big and the only thing that can sustain small players is quality content relevant to viewers.

Ahmed Kapadia
CEO, Synergy

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