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Marketing Association of Pakistan, Lahore Chapter

Marketing Association of Pakistan, Lahore chapter, recently organized a seminar in the city and invited Mr. Ahmed Kapadia, Chairman and Managing Director, Synergy Group of Companies to address its members. Mr. Ahmed Kapadia chose a very intriguing yet relevant topic, “Belief & Betrayal: Why Pakistan needs Supermen?” to speak on. The topic was successful in drawing in the crowds and Mr. Kapadia was welcomed by a presence of over 120 marketing professionals in Lahore at Royal Palm. His interactive presentation and commitment to bringing the change that he was talking about was enough to keep the audience hooked throughout the one hour seminar. Mr. Kapadia passionately discussed of the belief that Quaid-e-Azam and other great personalities had in Pakistan as a separate homeland for Muslims. He went on to describe the great betrayal at the hands of Pakistani people that took place in the country after its inception. But unlike others he didn’t stop there, he also gave solutions to the current problems facing Pakistan, not just as a marketer but as a patriotic citizen of a country he believed in. He called for the need of Supermen like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal who made dreams come true for the common man. He told marketers how branding Pakistan was a natural step to take with their brands and to create relevant campaigns like Pepsi Do Good 2010 or Vodafone Egypt’s “The power of one” 2011. He ended his presentation with a simple yet powerful message for everybody sitting in the audience:

“Pakistan Needs You,

But You Need Pakistan More!”

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The presentation ended with a resounding applause from the audience and was followed by one of the longest Q&A session according to the Vice President of MAP, Mr. Khaliq ur Rehman. He said that the feedback from the participants was very positive and they enjoyed not only the presentation but the engaging and eloquent way Mr. Kapadia presented such a novel topic. The event ended with a presentation of shields to the MAP members and the speaker Mr. Kapadia as well.

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