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Executive Doodle – Issue 3, 2021

As we get close to this year’s end, it will be worthwhile to look around as an observer. We need to stop and take stock of what’s happening around us. I believe that humans are resilient yet also inconsiderate when it comes to getting into their comfort zones. When COVID-19 struck, we were in total disarray and scared of the unknown. Though vulnerable, we showed care for others, particularly the poor and the needy. Then as time elapsed, so did our concern for others. It was as if the weather changed, and it took our responsibilities with it.


With such little care for people, the environment, and our present & future, we are back to our merry ways. We need to stop and see all the people walking on the roads, selling stuff on traffic lights, standing next to us in a store, and buying things. Look at those overloaded buses and people hanging on them for dear life. As you observe closely, you will see a theme constantly following the same lack of concern for others and trying to live another day. The only difference will be the degree of the safety net in which we prefer to stay afloat.


This sorry state of affairs is our own doing, as we have absolve ourselves from our responsibilities and hope for others to be there in our time of need. The net effect of 0 + 0 = 0, so why do we not see this staring right in our faces? The process of change begins from the first intent and first step. We don’t have to start big as even a small contribution in cash or kind can be instrumental to someone’s life. Very much like the boy who was throwing starfish in the sea and somebody said, “What difference is it going to make, as there are thousands of them on the shore?” and the boy replied after throwing another starfish back, “It made a difference to this one.”


Coming back, the New Year is approaching fast; let’s make a resolution that we will make a difference with our contributions – be it with money or volunteering. If each one of us gives back one hour a week to voluntary service, it will accumulate to a large number in total. So, can I count on you to do a bit more than what we are doing now?

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