The best time to quit is the right time

By September 6, 2018Blog
We are a nation that thinks they know everything except knowing when to quit. It’s not that we are very hard working, we are lazy because we don’t complete a task until and unless given a deadline. And in the case of Pakistan Cricket, till dropped from the national team. On one hand, the team is practising hard ahead of the upcoming Asia Cup, on the other, former captain Mohammad Hafeez is challenging his sacking from the side. The all-rounder doesn’t know that in every cricketer’s career, there comes a time when he has to hang his boots and at 37, he is more near that time than ever.
For someone who has been less positive for the team and more negative, it is unimaginable why Mohammad Hafeez thinks of himself as a player who can’t be replaced. As I write this blog, I see him doing a presser asking for reasons regarding his ouster; he should know the reasons because he has been batting slowly in crucial matches, he has not been bowling like he used to and he is a liability in the field as he drops more catches than he holds on to.
Coach Mickey Arthur and Selection Committee head Inzamam ul Haq must be commended for taking a step in the right direction. Pakistan has far more talented players waiting in the wings than Mohammad Hafeez who hasn’t learned anything from the past. Like Shahid Afridi, he played more for his place in the side than for the team and that’s one of the many reasons why he should go. The best time to quit is the right time and Mohammad Hafeez’s right time is right around the corner. It is better to leave the game when others think you are worth it than be kicked out for being a worthless player. Sadly in Pakistan, we prefer the latter treatment is that of being kicked out of the side as we believe in not quitting but made to quit.

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