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By June 6, 2018Blog

I have always been a proponent of supporting ideas and the talent behind ideas. This has been one of the reasons of my personal growth and success. For me, entrepreneurship is a process through which a leader builds a team of people who stand behind an idea or purpose that they bring to life through their combined efforts. Let me assure you, it is much more complicated than it appears as the most difficult part is to bring diverse people to believe in the same purpose. Human beings are extremely complex, and everyone’s perspective is so different from the other that it is not unusual to find people changing their opinions and losing sight of the big picture.

Having said that, I believe that one important factor in motivating individuals is to make them realize that they are interdependent and every one of them has a role to play. Just like any successful team sport, business also demands clarity of roles and purpose. This allows individuals to appreciate each other’s talent and build mutual respect which is conducive for a productive and purposeful culture.

I have learnt many lessons in my journey as an entrepreneur, some of which have evolved over a period of time. For me, people are the key to success or failure of an organization. From the origination of an idea to the final phase of bringing it to life, human interaction carries it through at every step of the way. Which means that there is process that needs to be followed to make it work.

A nation’s progress is highly dependent on the success ratio of new startup businesses. In this century, ideas take very little time to become reality, as the world is now connected much more through technology than it used to be earlier. Which means it is a lot more important for a country to support young talent to explore new concepts. By building a culture of encouraging new ideas we can get a larger pool of talent to come up with a breakthrough that can change the destiny of the nation. What is important here is to develop a structure that brings in support at different stages of development of an idea that makes it a viable commercial proposition. This process requires support at different levels of public and private ventures who all benefit from an environment that fosters entrepreneurs.

Our role is to create the right environment and showcase talent that is so desperate to make an impact. Are we willing to make a contribution and support a worthy cause?

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